How it all started… my first art crawl

Thursday November 29th 2012

I decided it was time for an “art crawl”.  I had gotten a lot of invitations to openings for the same night, and much to my surprise, most of them were within walking distance of the other, and they were all in my favorite part of Tel Aviv – the sleazy south side!

Not wanting to walk alone through the sleazy streets behind the Tel Aviv court building, I hooked up with my two art buddies, Iris and Avivit.  They placed their trust in my hands, and off we were, starting at 7:30pm!

I planned my rout well; starting with the openings that I thought would have the best alcohol!  We are all familiar with the openings in Tel Aviv, some have plastic cups and cheap wine, while others have flute glasses of champagne with cheese and fruits.  Here is a recap of our art crawl.

First stop:  Benyemini Contemporary Ceramics Center .

The exhibition was a collection of artists who donated their work for the Lavinsky Garden Project  - a super worthy project, and all art pieces were being sold at 1,000 NIS (about 250  $ each),

The exhibit started at 6pm, and by the time we arrived at 7:45 pm, half the pieces were sold, and a lot had been removed from the walls, as it was a cash and carry.  I was glad for them, but disappointed cause I didn’t get to see all the art – but the beer was super duper cold and they had good music.  The art work was quite eclectic ranging from a series of clay maquettes  to photography, and interesting sketches. (sorry no pictures). List of participating artists at end of blog)

Moving on.


Next stop – Kastiel’s new gallery http://www.kastiel.com, with an exhibition called “Site Specific”.  I am “facebook friends” with some of the artists at this show, so I was excited to see them and their art face to face.

As soon as I walked in I knew this was going to be a winner – the space was fantastic and filled with interesting people, the drinks of cava, and wine punch with a few nuts were beautifully displayed in Sammy D’s interesting gold ceramic containers, and the art! Well, first I had a drink and then I took my time absorbing all the wonderful art!

"Use me" 25 x 20 x 15 centimeter, Aluminum and Kitchen Knife

Sigal Saban, 300 x 140 cm. - wax and pigment

I like seeing artist Tamir Lahav- radlmesser next to Sammy D.'s sculpture - some how it seems very appropriate :-)






What I really enjoyed here was the combination of contemporary conceptual art executed in a highly skilled and aesthetic manner in which the viewer could both enjoy and interpret the pieces.


On to some performance art – Gallery Alfred ,  Raafat Hattab, Curator: Tal Ben-Tsvi.

Good thing we had stocked up on booze on the previous two stops cause this one was already out of drink and food.  It was already around 9:15 when we arrived, and most people were standing around outside.  Hattab was inside doing his performance, and I must say I was entranced, especially having looked at his previous work and knowing that this was a type of summation of his last few years ongoing project. See for yourself.

“Raafat Hattab is a Palestinian photographer and performance artist whose work deals with his multiple and conflicting identities, as a Palestinian living in Israel on the one hand, and a Queer living within Arab society on the other. Through his work, Hattab attempts to give a voice to both of these minority groups, while also expressing his own sense of detachment from the two worlds.”





On to P-8 Gallery. Exhibition – Pocket Landscapes

I find looking at my friend Iris more interesting than the landscapes – but this is only my personal opinion :-)

Landscapes are not my thing, but it was on my list because I have been following the progress of this gallery which is one of the few cooperatives in Israel, and my friend Iris likes landscapes.  We arrived towards the end of the show – no drink left, but the peanuts were good and fresh :-). List of participating artists at the end of this blog.


Since it was close to 10pm, all the exhibitions were winding down, we thought we would catch the end of a big happening at the Central Bus Station for the Fun Fun Festival .

The festival included everything fringe you can imagine.  People selling on blankets and stands comics and sketches and t-shirts. Performance artists – cutting hair and other such,  a graffiti and collage wall, musicians,installation pieces, video art and beer at 12 nis a bottle!  The place was crawling with interesting bizarre looking people. A supper interesting event to cap off the evenings cultural activities.

I saw a girl dressed in a nun’s habit selling her “comics” or book of sketching - something in the drawings caught my eye and as I bent down for a closer look – it was a friend of mine Alma Sivan from an acting class I took a few years ago!  small small world :-)












When we left the Central Bus Station, it was the stroke of midnight and our stomachs were crying out for something more than peanuts and alcohol.  After a healthy debate on the best pizza in Tel Aviv, I let Avivit take over the planning of the rest of the evening.  She led us to Papa’s on Hillel  Hazaken 12 street behind Allenby 58.  I bow down to Avivit, as it is truly the best pizza I have eaten in my life.

She then showed us a super duper underground bar with a corner where musicians can come and play.  You really only know this place exists if someone takes you there!




Conclusion:  An Art Crawl in Tel Aviv is definitely on the top of my list of things to do in Tel Aviv – Art, Mingling, free booze – and It all starts early enough so that I could be home by midnight (when I turn back into a pumpkin!).  What will I remember the most about my Art Crawl last night?  – The Pizza – obviously :-).



List of Artists:

1. Benyamini Center – Levinsky Garden Project

Participating Artist: Ayelet Carmi, Gil Yefman, Maya Cohen Levy, Etti Abergel, Daniel Shoshan, Esther Schneider, Lior Waterman, ,Dana Yoeli, Gaston Itzkowitz, Erez Israeli, Shy Abady, Tomer Sapir, Daniel Reisner, Ada Ovadia, Adi Bar, Sharon Glzberg, Drora Domini, Dganit Brest, Elad Rozen, Kochavit Kdoshim, Eviatar, Roy Mordechai, Tamara Rickman, Tal Frank, Avishay Ayal, Larry Abramson, Hilla Ben Ari, David Tartakower, Ricki Puch, Nitzan Makover, Relli de Vries, Avner Ben Gal, David Goss, Arnon Tousia Cohen, Amnon Illuz, Yoram Kuperminz, Nechama Golan, France Lebée-Nadav, Efrat Klipstein, Ana Dan, Meir Tati, Alma Itzhaki, Angela Klein, Talia Israeli, Anna Yam, Ruth Ben-Yaakov, Tamar Harpaz, Peter Jacob Malz, Ora Eitan, Aliza Auerbach, Raanan Harlap and Galia Gur Zeev, Sasha Serber, Yael Balaban, Iris Kovalio, Dorit Nahmias, Keren Anavi, Gil&Moti, Sharon Poliakine, Mira Cedar, Anat Betzer, Adva Karni, Miki Kratsman, Keren Gueller, Natalie Levin, Nir Harel, Bracha L. Ettinger, Talia Keinan, Zipa Kempinsky, Daphna Kafeman, Shy Idnatz, Yossi Krispel, Orly Dvir, Sigalit Landau, Irit Rabinowitch, Tamir Lichtenberg, Zamir Shatz, Arik Caspi, Avi Herling, Ivonne Dippman, Elham Rokni, Gal Weinstein, Zoya Cherkassky, Gilad Efrat, Oren Eliav, Doron Rabina, Liav Mizrachi, Orit Hofshi, Ester Beck, Shlomit Bauman, Dori Zanger Schechtel, Roy Maayan, Shamai Gibsh, Ruti Barkai, Michal Alon, Simcha Even Chen, Michal Adler-Shalev, Marta Rieger, Ronit Zor, Gilad Ophir, Bel Shafir, FOMA, Know Hope, Chen Schisch, Masha Zussman, Garry Goldstein, Anat Proper Goldberg, Michal Shamir, Barefoot, Netally Schlosser, Dana Maor

2.  Kastiel – Site Specific

Participants: Vered Aharonovitch, Izy Balenga, Yariv Geva, Keren Alla Gefen, Sammy D., Tamir Lahav-radlmesser,  Sigal Saban, Nir Segal, Neomi Tsoker, Nimrod Reuveni

(Sorry if the translation of names into English is misspelled)
אמנים משתתפים: ורד אהרונוביץ’, איזי בלנגה, יריב גבע, קרן אלה גפן, סמי די, תמיר להב רדלמסר, סיגל סבן, ניר סגל, נעמי צוקר, נמרוד ראובני

3.  P-8 Gallery-  Pocket Landscapes

Participating artists:  Jacob Benary, Hadar Gad, Liat Grayver, Ran Hadari, Iddo Markus, Alon Porat, Shalom Flash, Elie Shamir. Curator: Ron Bartos

4. Central Bus Station – Fun Fun Festival

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אמני וידאו:
אברהם קריצמן ומתן אורן##מירי נשרי##שוש ישראלי##סמיון בוקשטיין##שמוליק טוויג##עינת עמיר##יעל פרנק##שושנה צ’חנובסקי##גילי אבישר##הדס תפוחי##קרן דונדה##אבי יגיל##רייצ’ל מונוסוב##אפי וישניצקי לוי##בועז אהרונוביץ’.

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פסטיבל עצמאי, על טהרת ה-DIY , לתרבות ואמנות.





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